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Toog, God, Manlik, Art, Sex

There's a new interview with Toog on Todd Jones' site. He's as funny and fresh as ever, giving us, this time, particular insight into his theology:

'The difference between God and me is that he prefers white wine.'

Toog's new album, Lou Entendue, reproduced by Digiki, is oblique, literary, sensual, sentimental, strange, textured, meandering, whispery... Inspired by Toog's muse Asia Argento (and, rather oddly, her child, who gives the album its title) it strikes me as an electronicization of the literary-musical ruminations made in the 70s by french poet-composers like Leo Ferre and Brigitte Fontaine, or like Gainsbourg circa L'Homme A Tete De Chou.

More Toogianity:

'Like almost every man, God also had a mistress, apart the virgin Maria. I was this bastard son. In fact, if you're a Christian, you can accept the idea of being a secret child of God; God betrays every dad, he has an affair with every mother. Since the gospel says that everybody's the child of God.'

Florence Manlik, Toog's partner, has an exhibition on at the Galerie Nuit D'Encre in Paris just now. It's called Bisland. You can take a virtual tour of the show at Nuit D'Encre's site.

Finally, someone left a comment asking for some of the more embarrassing links in my History Menu. So here's Pink Eyes, a site I've just (harumph!) come across. I like the big grids of little photos you get when you click the pink writing on the grey boxes. I'm speaking purely from an aesthetic point of view, of course!

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